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Fairness (rant)
CloudCompare is a Free software. Free as in "Free speech", not as in "free beer".
Developing and maintaining a software is never free (no magic in this world).

If CloudCompare helps you make (or save) a lot of money, then please contribute or donate.
P.S.: if you really can't, at least send us an email to say thanks ;-)
P.P.S.: we are also in need of equipment (scanners, computers, graphic cards,
hard drives, etc.)
.P.P.S.: we also like nice datasets!

(Manufacturers that are already contributing or supporting us: DotProduct, 2G Robotics, Riegl, Geoslam)

Latest stable release (2.10.2 Zephyrus)

CloudCompare 2.10.2
installer version
CloudCompare 2.10.2
7z archive version
ccViewer 1.38
7z archive version
Windows iconWindows 64 bits Installer (64 bits) 7zip (64 bits) 7zip (64 bits)
Windows iconWindows 64 bits Stereo(support for NVidia 3D Vision and Oculus Rift) Installer (64 bits) 7zip (64 bits) 7zip (64 bits)
Mac OS iconMac OS 64 bits Thanks to Andy Maloney, MacOS apps are available here
Linux iconLinux 64 bits Now thanks to Alberto Mardegan (and Romain Janvier), there is a "universal" snap package for Linux.
On Ubuntu, starting from version 16.04 it's as simple as typing "snap install cloudcompare".
On other distributions, you may need to install snap first (please refer to the corresponding documentation if necessary).
Snaps are published in 3 channels: "stable", "beta", and "edge".
The "stable" and the "beta" channel deliver the latest stable and beta versions of CloudCompare while "edge" delivers nightly builds and may eat your laundry. You can switch at any time between these three channels by launching "sudo snap refresh --<channel name>" in your terminal.
Get it from the Snap Store
Github iconSources  git repository: https://github.com/cloudcompare/cloudcompare (for compilation instructions, refer to the BUILD.md file)

Last version compatible with old intel / ATI graphic cards (2.6.3 beta)

CloudCompare 2.6.3 beta
installer version
CloudCompare 2.6.3 beta
7z archive version
Windows iconWindows 64 bits Installer (64 bits) 7zip (64 bits)

Notes about the archive versions (7zip):

Windows 32 bits

 For Windows 32 bits, the last supported versions were CloudCompare 2.6.2 (installer: Installer (32 bits) and archive: 7zip (32 bits)) and ccViewer 1.34 (archive: 7zip (32 bits))

Newest functionalities:

See the list of all methods: https://www.cloudcompare.org/doc/wiki/index.php?title=Methods


See the list of all plugins: https://www.cloudcompare.org/doc/wiki/index.php?title=Plugins.

Sketchup plugin

This plugin will let you 'paste' points selected with the 'Point picking list' tool of CloudCompare in Sketchup. It has been developed by P. Biani (see his website).

Mind that the documentation of fthis plugin is only in french for now.