CICESE 2015 Workshop on point clouds

Check the web page on dedicated to the CICESE 2015 workshop on point clouds. See the 'Thursday' section (several links and even a YouTube recording of the morning session).

Tutorial videos

The following tutorial videos have been made by Eugene Liscio (, all rights reserved).

First introductory tutorial video (basic concepts: registration, distance computation, etc.)

you can download the 2 clouds used in this tutorial here
(20 Mb 7zip archive - 2 files @ CloudCompare BIN V2 format inside)

About the (new) interactive alignment tool (by picking - at least - 3 pairs of points)

How to convert a scalar field (intensity, etc.) to RGB colors (to export to 3ds Max for instance)

How to segment a point cloud and interactively move/rotate entities

How to subsample a point cloud and how to sample points on a mesh

Primitive Matching and Measurements in CloudCompare

Other related videos

See our Youtube channel compiling all videos related to CloudCompare.